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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Women in Leadership Roles

HAPPY SABBATH EVERYONE! I am enjoying a quiet restful day. Reading about "Women in Leadership." how Does God See us and do We follow His direction? Equal in Creation, Different in the roles we are assigned to play in the family. What do you think?

God created Adam and Eve in "Their Image." They were created equal in The Beginning. They had specific roles to play in order to have a Balanced and Harmonious Family life. The Curse of the fall resulted in imperfection and imbalance in the family that Adam and Eve would bring into being and thus the community and the world as we know it. Gen 3:15-16. Prior to the fall, there was no human to rule over another, even in the husband and wife relationship. They were to have dominion over all the things God had created for them, but not over other humans.

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